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Musical Sushi

My daughter plays on my Kawai ES4 keyboard by “karate chopping” with both hands, a technique she calls “cutting musical sushi”!  I had to laugh, I’d never heard that before!  Between that and reading from the latest Junie B. Jones book “Jingle Bells, Batman Smells (P.S.) So Does May)”, it has been a creative morning!

My creativity will hopefully kick in with Christmas lights today.  This is the main project of the day for me today and a fine day it will be to hang outdoor lights (self back-patting under way!).

 I went to Wal-Mart yet again after the news last night to buy some more Christmas lights.    I didn’t buy enough CS 7  blue LED lights for our outside tree the first time and I couldn’t find any last night.  So, I switched to red for the tree and will move the blue strings somewhere else.   The house already had a bunch of white hooks for hanging icicle lights from but I needed a few more as well.

So it will be a red tree, a candy-cane red and white approach on the two flanking evergreens on the front steps, snowflakes around the front door and the blue strings, well,  somewhere.

Of course, the tree has to be moved up stairs today along with the rest of the indoor Christmas decor.  We have to decide where the tree will go in the new house, it will be a choice between ceiling height, visibility and convenience.

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