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Christmas Time is Here!

My Christmas Light Canvas

Well, that’s the name of the song playing in the background anyway.  My two kids, especially my oldest, love the Vince Gaurdaldi collection of Christmas songs.  In particular, they play “Linus and Lucy” over and over again.  Funny, we all call this the “Snoopy Song” even though that isn’t the title.

More on the Peanuts characters later because it is Christmas time for me!  I try very hard not to kick into Christmas mode until after Thanksgiving but society makes that somewhat difficult.  But lights, trees and holiday music are worth the wait in my opinion.

Now I did go to Wal-Mart last night in search of deals but since the sale didn’t start until midnight, I technically did wait until after Thanksgiving to participate!  Besides, I’m not sure buying Christmas gifts should count anyway because it is about inspiration and opportunity.  In this case, the motivation for me was savings to be sure.

It was quite entertaining actually.  Most items were shrink-wrapped and shoppers were not supposed to get into this stuff until midnight.  But somehow, cracks developed in the system for a few items and they started ending up in charts!  Some things, like trampolines, were unwrapable and heavy yet they managed to end up on a cart.

The real fun was the unshrinking of the video games and videos.  You know when you visit a place were you can feed fish and the frenzy that develops when you throw the food on the water?  It was like that!  Actually it was fairly civilized compared to what I’ve heard it can be.  Only a little bit of shoving.  But these items went fast!

My shopping is over now for just a bit as my attention shifts to the hanging of Christmas lights.  Now, I should have gotten this done when it was warmer (shouldn’t I know when this will happen?) and I tried but other things sidetracked me.  I do have the lights I’ll need (I think) and will spend this morning gathering tools, cords and such.  The main assault is Saturday.

I have some great inspiration in my neighborhood. Since we’re in a new house now, I have more to work with in terms of a new porch and more “shrubbery”.  Pictures will be forthcoming!  Ideas welcome!

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