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Heinz 57

As I eat my Alpine Swiss burger from Ruby Tuesday’s (as opposed to the lower elevation Swiss burger), I started thinking about ketchup packets.

Anybody who knows me knows I love ketchup.  I have for as long as I can remember. I put it hash browns and mix it with leftover mac and cheese.

My kids have picked up on this a bit.  I think my son favors this red sauce a bit more than my daughter.  I know, I know, it has high fructose corn syrup and it’s not its own food group!

The Weather Lab has a collection of ketchup packets.  I’ve made it my obsession to collect as many as I can when I eat fast food and then save them for times of severe weather or when I either forget to ask or are given only a couple.  After all, two is not enough for a burger and fry order! Six is about right.  I could blog separately about which restaurants are generous or stingy with these packets and perhaps I will someday.

Actually, I wonder if any serious study could be done on the proportion of ketchup packets in the Weather Lab to severe weather in the Ozarks? Perhaps a “Ketchup Packet Cam” to monitor how many are available as a short-term predictor of severe storms!

I have never attempted homemade ketchup but then again I’ve yet to can anything in my life.  I remember my father would boil and boil on canning weekends and the two tomato dishes were ketchup and stewed tomatoes, both of which were good as I recall.

I noticed in a quick perusal of  Wikipedia that the origins of ketchup and the etymology of the word are a bit uncertain with conflicting theories.   But it does appear to be a fairly old idea in food circles.

None of this shines favorably on my wife’s culinary adventures which are clearly above mere “ketchup”.  I, of course, agree.  She will be learning about all types of wonderful and classic sauces in her class later in the semester.

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