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O.K. Dish Network, give me a break!

The service is great, I like the channels.  Rain fade (caused by attenuation or a weakening of the signal as it passes through heavy rain) does occur but not often enough to be a pain.

My complaint is with their equipment and customer service.

So far this year, we have returned four receivers!  Twice for the larger DVR unit and two of the smaller ones.  On the plus side, Dish does give you a convenient return label for the unit.  But if you don’t return it within ten days, they bill you for it.  With my life and family, it is unlikely an equipment swap will be dealt with in ten days!

O.K. so I’ll get credit for returning the equipment later right? Well, maybe.  For the two larger units I shipped back last winter, credit never appeared until we got on the phone and complained.

What is interesting is that on two separate occasions talking with employees of The UPS Store, they insisted that I get a copy of the tracking number because “Dish is terrible at keeping track of returned receivers”.  Most recently, it was estimated that about four of these a day were going through one particular store.

Then of course customer service doesn’t have a U.S. zip code if you know what I mean and this breakdown in communication just adds to the frustration.  We had a game channel turned on for a while now but we never use it after the Wii was purchased so I recently called to take the extra $5 per month taken off my bill. The charge for a programming change? Five dollars! Seriously, to press a key on a screen somewhere? Outrageous!  They must be in cahoots with the bank charge people!

Anyway, to attatch positive feeling to the word dish, be sure and check out my lovely wifes’ blog “Danielle Dishes Up” and follow her culinary journey!

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