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Currant Update

Well, I did manage to “de-stem” some currants this weekend!  Not all five pounds, but enough to use.

The easiest dish to make?  Ice cream! 

I put the currants in sugar last night and let them macerate.  As I stated in a previous post, currants are quite tart but with enough sugar, they taste pretty good.  Sort of a juniper flavor really, perfect for the holidays!

We have a Cuisinart ice cream maker, the kind with the chilled vessel.  You add the mix and let in spin about half an hour.  Toward the end of the cycle, you dump the fruit in.  It’s going to be a delicate balance putting in just enough currants for flavor and not so much as too throw off the sweet.

If this works well, my immediate friends will likely be treat to this newest ice cream flavor at our awesome Christmas retreat this coming weekend.  For today, the family will be the judges.

Other uses for the currants?  I mentioned muffins and that would definitely work.  It also seems that a holiday drink of some kind would work quite well.  I’ll do some more investigating.

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